About Us

PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera was formerly known as PT. Renada Putra Line which is based in Medan/Belawan and aggressively expanded our business activities to Pekanbaru, Perawang, Padang, Palembang, Panjang and Banda Aceh. The reason for its mushrooming success is PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera fastidious dedication to the provision of comprehensive services to its customer’s coupled with of unwavering promises of reliability. We believe of our dedication and commitment of executive and non executive staff is part of our improvement. We have been known as one of the potential forwarding company in Medan/Belawan and we are proud of our contribution to the national growth recently.

PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera, was formed in Medan on April 17th 2006 to provide an integrated transportation and logistics management services. Our head office at Medan/Belawan with company registration No. issue at Medan dated April 17th 2006. We planned to provide our very excellent services and hospitality to our valued customers to achieve our aim as a young company for its continues existence.