Shipping Agency

feederSince we began in the beginning of 2006, PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera has sold and chartered numbers of vessels and barges between companies located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Iran, China, Thailand and Vietnam. PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera always ready in bulk transportation like coal transportation, heavy equipment and project transportation.

PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera also interested in receiving information on any vessels or barges – local or ocean service, surplus to your requirements and available for short or long-term charter, time or bareboat. PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera may help you in looking for back-hauls, tows of opportunity, short or long-term time charter and/or sometimes bareboat charter.

PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera enjoy enduring success because our core purpose and core values in business and fully respect our customers, ship owner and the community that remain fixed, while our strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera will keep continuing to build on our quality standards and would be very happy to work with you and to meet your requirements both operationally and economically.