Heavy Cargo Transportation

project_logisticsNo matter the size of your company’s project, PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera has the staff to get the job done. We have a network of suppliers and transporters to provide the most efficient and cost effective project transportation plan to our clients. We are capable of providing logistics support in Indonesia or, with locations in South Asia countries in providing international freight logistics.

We make international commerce easy for our clients by securing many of the permits and clearances necessary for the importation and exportation of goods in and out of Indonesia.

PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera is also a leading provider of specialized transport logistics. Whether your item requires transportation by conventional truck, heavy load truck, rail, barge or ocean container, we will help you devise a transportation plan and put the plan into practice. The plan may call for the use of one mode of transportation, or may require a combination of several forms of transportation. In addition, these forms of transportation can be coordinated to allow for the transportation of very large items or for break bulk transportation. To learn more about how PT. Surya Agung Sejahtera can help you accomplish your goal of cost effective and efficient transportation, call us directly or read more about our services on the following pages.